About Us

        Welcome to our class!  Your children will have two teachers who will be team teaching this year.  Kendra Helmkamp is beginning her sixth year teaching 3rd grade at OACS with this year being her fifth in the co-teach classroom. Ms. Helmkamp graduated from Hope College with a degree in elementary education and fine arts. Prior to teaching in Florida, Ms. Helmkamp worked for four years at an elementary school in Northeast Indiana.  She is particularly looking forward to sharing the adventures of third grade with your children and with her co-teacher Mrs. Yeaman! 
       Melissa Yeaman is excited to start her eight year at OACS. This will be her seventh year in the co-teach room. Mrs. Yeaman graduated from UCF with a degree in elementary education and reading endorsement. She has also worked as a substitute and preschool teacher within the Orange County school district. She loves 3rd graders for their curiosity, enthusiasm, and zest for life. Her goal this year is to turn our classroom into a community of learners.

       Mrs. Yeaman will be the lead teacher in Reading/Language Arts and Social Studies this year, and Ms. Helmkamp will be the lead teacher in Math and Science.  While the lead teacher is instructing, the co-teacher will either be circulating through the room to assist and support instruction as needed, or working with a small group to either provide support or enrichment to students. 

        Our class functions as one big happy family.  We do split into two smaller groups for recess and lunch.  We will be moving students from one group to another throughout the year in order to ensure that students have the opportunity to interact with different classmates, and with both of us. During our time as both a student and teachers, we have always promoted and believed that parent involvement plays a critical role in a student’s education.  We firmly stand that any and all children will receive the best education possible when both parents and teachers partner as an invested team in a child’s success.

          We certainly welcome volunteers in the classroom, but we will be taking the first few weeks to get the classroom procedures and routines in place.  We truly believe that parents are the key to their children’s academic success, and we are looking forward to working with you to help your child reach his or her full potential. Should you have any questions throughout the year please do not hesitate to contact us either by phone or by email. We will be keeping in touch with you all year long via school website and email.  If you do not currently have an active email, this is an imperative tool utilized for communication. We welcome your calls and messages.  Anytime you have anything you would like to discuss with us, please reach out via email or phone (407-877-2039 ext. 2522).  We will return your correspondence as soon as possible.