Hello Parents!

It was great seeing everyone today after our Christmas break! I am looking forward to the wonderful work our scholars will produce this 3rd Quarter! Our scholars received their new Reading and Math STACK Rotation books today that will be used daily in class.

In Math, we are beginning our new unit on Geometry focusing on Drawing & Identifying Geometric Terms and Classifying 2-D Shapes. Homework was sent home today, and we will have our Quiz on Friday. Scholars were also given notes to be placed in their journals and are free to take their journals home nightly as they do homework and practice for their quiz.

This week in Reading, we are starting our new book “Because of Winn-Dixie”! We started diving into this book today and scholars are truly excited about our new characters! In small group we will be focusing on Making Inferences. We will continue to work on Inferences throughout our rotations this week and will have a quiz on Friday.

In Social Studies, we are beginning our new unit on the Revolutionary War learning about Loyalists and Patriots and the split that occurred in the American colonies. Scholars will be working on their Unity flag in class which is due Friday. In Writing, we are starting our unit on Informational essays and will dive deeper into this as we explore the Revolutionary War and being to write informational essays based on what we’re learning.

In Science, our scholars will be learning about Ecosystems and the Food Chain. In this Mystery Science lesson, students develop their thinking about the relationships among organisms in their everyday world. In the activity, students play a card game which deepens their understanding of organisms’ interrelationships. Mystery Science question responses will be due on Friday.

As always, please don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions!

Have a wonderful day and Happy 2018!


Hello Parents!

As we are wrapping up quarter two and getting ready for our Holiday break, please be sure to let me know if your scholar will be missing any days next week or leaving for vacation early. I’ll be sure to plan their assignments accordingly.

We will be having our in-class class Holiday celebration next Friday, December 22nd. More details will be posted on Bloomz.

This week in Math we will continue our Unit on Fractions with converting Fractions to Decimals. Scholars brought home their Homework yesterday and will have their Quiz on Friday.

This week in Reading, we are continuing our book Tuck Everlasting and focusing on root words in our small group. In Social Studies, we are continuing to learn about the history of Florida focusing on Pioneer Life in Florida.

In Science, our scholars will be learning about natural hazards. This lesson will be tied into our community outreach project supporting Puerto Rico and the devastation caused by the recent Hurricane. Our Mystery Science lesson will discuss various storms such as Hurricanes, Tornadoes and Dust Storms. In this activity, scholars will design multiple solutions to keep a house from blowing away in a windstorm.

In Writing, we are wrapping up our unit on persuasive essays and publishing our work for our in class writing celebration. Scholars will bring in an item from home that depicts their essay to share with their group.


In Math this week, we will be working on Long Division. Homework will be sent home today and posted on Bloomz. Helpful videos will also be posted. Be ensure that your scholar continues to practice their multiplication facts as this is a crucial element to Fourth Grade Math. 

This week in Reading, we are starting our new book, Tuck Everlasting! Students typically enjoy this book as they are able to correlate some aspects of the book with their St. Augustine trip pertaining to the fountain of youth. To continue our look at Hispanic Heritage, our reading homework will be researching a Spanish or Portuguese speaking country. The information to complete will be in their homework folders.

In Science, we are studying Sounds and Vibration. Scholars will be building a paper cup telephone to investigate the connection between sounds and vibration. They are truly excited about this mystery science activity! 

In Social Studies this week, we are continuing to learn about the history of Florida and the nations that controlled Florida before the U.S. Scholars will be tasked with creating a timeline to display the various time periods and the nations. We’ve already started take a look at some of our beginning work on Bloomz! 

In Writing last week, we celebrated the fantastic work that some of our first graders did this quarter! Our scholars had so much fun opening their box from another class and reading the poster that the first graders created for us! This week we’re moving on to our next unit focusing on opinion essays. 

As always, please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions!

Hello Parents!  

We would like to take a few minutes of your time to explain STACK and how it works in our classroom. STACK is a centers rotation process built off of Bloom's Taxonomy of higher level thinking. Each center is designed with a specific goal in mind: to expand your child's learning in multiple ways because no two students are alike when it comes to learning.

S - small group: this is where students receive intensive small group instruction based on assessed needs and 4th grade standards.

T - technology: this is the center where students will use computers to receive and complete I-Ready lessons, both in reading and math.

A - apply: in this center, students will apply learned skills through the use of technology and peer-sharing.

C- create: students are tasked with creating an artifact based on learned skills. This center is a great way for teachers to gauge who "gets it" an who needs further instruction.

K - kinesthetic: this center is our social studies center during reading and our science center during math. This center focuses around hands-on, real world information and problem solving. Experimentation and exploration will be done at this center.

We hope this information helps you understand the day-to-day operations of our class more clearly.

As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please email us or contact us through Bloomz. 

Thank you!