For the week of 11/28, we will be starting our Solar System unit. Some of the points we will discuss are as follows:

  • The galaxy consists of gas, dust, and many stars including objects orbiting the stars.
  • The major common characteristics of all planets such as rotation,revolving around the sun, and rotating on an axis.
  • The earth's position in the solar system.

In math we are finishing up our unit on decimals with dividing decimals and there will be a quiz on dividing decimals on Thursday.

The types of problems the students will see on the quiz are as shown below:

  1. 9.24 ÷ 2.2
  2. 1130.4 ÷ 16
  3. Jimbo bought 12 used CD's. He paid a total of $95.88 for the CD's. If each CD cost the same price, how much did each CD cost?

As many of these will relate to money, the store is a great place to quiz your budding mathematician.