Behavior Plan and Expectations

 Daily Behavior Management

 This year we are trying something a bit different.

Welcome to:REST/NEST
When a student doesn't follow the expectations, we will ask them to take a REST. I have 2 desks in my classroom which are available for the REST. Students must take their work with them and reflect on their choices.

Once the 5 minutes are up, they return back to the group.
If however, there is a second occurrence, a Think Sheet is filled out and sent home. It will require a signature from a parent to ensure parents are aware of the behavior. 
Should there be  a 3rd occurrence, Admin will be involved. 

The premise is each class is in a NEST..we are partnered with different grade levels.
The goal is to encourage positive character traits school-wide.

Point are given by teachers when one of the traits is displayed.
The 9 traits are: Trustworthiness, Respect, Self-Discipline, Cooperation,Perseverance,
Thankfulness,Generosity,Responsibility and our NEST is Integrity:)  Points are tabulated for the week and the top NEST receives a "surprise".
Along with that, we also do a "Punch Card" in my particular classroom. Students doing above
and beyond, regarding these traits, receive a "punch"on their card:
 8 punches gets to have " Lunch
with a  Bud" 
 12 punches means  "Bring in their Favorite Stuffed Animal,
16 punches students can "take off their shoes" in our class and,
 when the  ENTIRE card is full= Treasure Box:) 
It is taking some getting used to, so it is still a work in progress.
Thank you in advance for helping to enforce it:)