Grade Level Goals and Expectations

Our system of grading is based on the Orange
County Public School Alphabetic System of for Elementary Schools:
S = Satisfactory
W= Working towards the goal
N= Needs improvement
U= Unsatisfactory  
Additionally, if a student receives an N or a U, on any of their paperwork, it  must be signed by a parent and returned.

In first grade, we use a goal sheet that is sent home with each report card.

This gives you an idea of what the expectations are, based on the time of the year.  It also allows you to track your student's growth.

1st Grade Goals and Expectations

3rd Nine Weeks

Leveled Reading Assessment

Below are the grade level expectations for each nine weeks.

1st Nine Weeks…Level E

2nd Nine Weeks…Level F

3rd Nine Weeks…Level H

4th Nine Weeks...Level J


Sight Words

Your child will be tested on the 1st grade sight word list each nine weeks. Below are the expectations for each nine weeks.

1st Nine Weeks… 10 CWPM             

2nd Nine Weeks… 16 - 23 CWPM 

3rd Nine Weeks… 23 - 47 CWPM 

4th Nine Weeks... 47 CWPM



  • Capitalization and punctuation
  • Writing in complete sentences
  • Writing paragraphs with an introduction and conclusion
  • Including a beginning, middle, and end
  • Using finger spaces between words
  • Adding details

Below are concepts and skills that have been introduced and assessed during the first quarter. Please review the skills at home to prepare for any testing.  J


  • 120 Chart: Finding patterns on the 120 chart.
  • Tens and Ones: Making and using numbers 11 to 20 and counting by 10s to 100.
  • Tens and Ones: Making numbers with 10s and counting with groups of 10
  • Tens and Ones: Modeling and writing numbers in expanded form and writing number words
  • Comparing and estimating numbers; finding before, after, and between; ordering three numbers
  • Money: Identifying coins and their values - pennies, nickels, dimes, and quarters
  • Money: Counting combinations of coins with a focus on dimes and pennies
  • Money: Finding same-coin combinations totaling $1.00 (4 quarters, 10 dimes, 20 nickels, 100 pennies)
  • Time: Comparing and contrasting analog and digital clocks and their features
  • Time: Telling time to the hour and half-hour.