Classroom Calendar of Events

Calendar of Events

2017-2018 (these dates are subject to change, but notice will be given)

October 5th                                                                      Fund Raiser Paperwork to go home

October 21st                                                            Oakland Heritage Day (Speer Park) 10:00-4:00pm

October 26th                                                             First Quarter Report Cards go home
October 28th                                                            Mother/Son Dance (tentative)
October 31st                                                             Storybook Parade 9:00 am/Harvest Party  12:00pm  
 November 14-17th                                                  Scholastic Book Fair
November 17th                                                        Thanksgiving Play (9:30am) students can leave afterwards

 December 19th                                                        Winter Solstice Craft day

 December 20th                                                       Holiday Celebration/P.J. Day/hot cocoa

January 19th                                                           Second Quarter Report Cards go home

  February 10th                                                       Father/Daughter Dance

February 6th                                                         Field Day

February 14th                                                         Valentine’s Day Party

February 16th                                                       Restaurant Night at MOMS

February 17th                                                      Progress Reports go home

February 21st                                                       Oakland Nature Preserve
February 21st                                                       Booster-Thon Pep Rally   
February 22nd                                                     Booster-ton Pep Rally
March 2nd                                                            Booster-thon Run! 
 March 16th 
                                                        Spring Break begins

May 23rd                                                           1st Grade End of the Year Awards Ceremony