Mystery Science

Mystery Science is an approach to science education that combines interactive lessons, visual presentations, STEM activities, hands-on learning and higher-order thinking and problem solving.

With Mystery Science, students start every lesson with a "hook" question that immediately gets them thinking about solving a problem. The lessons are designed to align with Next Generation Science Standards, but using student-centered activities and high-interest subject areas.

Why do the stars come out at night?

Could a volcano pop up in your backyard?

How could you survive a landslide?

These are the kinds of questions students will be answering, while reaching the goals set forth in the 4th grade science standards. 

Mystery Science is integrated into our Math rotations, and will tie in with math in interesting ways. For example: adding and subtracting time, angles and measurement. and plotting on a graph are just some math standards integrated into Mystery Science.

Ask your student what mystery they are solving this week! The answer might surprise you!