Building Permits

The Town of Oakland's Building Department is now fully operational. Since November 21, Building Department staffing is provided through a contract with Willdan Engineering, Inc., which has 45 years of experience in the permitting field. Town staff issues permits and conducts all inspections, including for applications filed with, and permits issued through, PDCS prior to November 15. If you applied for a permit prior to November 15 and have not received a response, please immediately call or email our current Town permitting staff using the contact information shown below. If your permit was issued before November 15, you should disregard any notice you may have recently received from PDCS saying that your permit has been administratively closed. Your Town-issued permit is still open, but you may need to provide information about your permit to the current Town permitting staff in order to arrange your next inspection. You should also be aware that the Oakland content on the PDCS website may be removed at any time.

The Oakland Building Department is open to answer telephone calls at 689-229-9974 and to respond to emails sent to from 8:00 am until 5:00 pm, Monday through Friday, except for Town holidays. The new Town Building Official is Mark Vazquez, CBO, CBCO, CFM, who has 33 years of experience. The new Permit Technician is Amber Brady, who also has many years of experience with building department operations. The Willdan Engineering Principal-in-Charge is Patrick Johnson, PE, CBO, and Albert Brady, CBO, is the Contract Manager. They are supported by a team of plans examiners and inspectors. Building Department staff work out of the Orlando office of Willdan Engineering. The Town's manager of permitting operations is Jack Butler, Assistant Town Manager, who can be reached at and 407-656-1117 ext 2103.

Permit fees are paid to the Town at City Hall; applicants will be notified when fees are due and how to pay them. The Town is implementing a fully online permitting system that should be operational in January 2023. Until then, please download and use the forms listed below for building permit applications. Only electronic permit applications are accepted. Paper applications cannot be submitted at Town Hall; however, Town staff will assist applicants in creating electronic applications when necessary.

Permit Forms

Other Documents


Inspections are best scheduled by emailing the permit information (permit number, site address, inspection type, and desired time) directly to William Mandt, Inspector, at . You can also call 689-229-9974 during normal business hours or send an email with the permit information to Email inspection requests to the inspector are preferred. Permit holders are reminded that the approved plans, required product documents, and the permit inspection card must be onsite for all inspections.


The owner of a property may be exempt from hiring a qualified contractor to do the work anticipated by the permit application under specific circumstances listed in Sec. 489.103(7), Florida Statutes. One of the requirements is "an owner must personally appear and sign the building permit application and must satisfy local permitting agency requirements, if any, proving that the owner has a complete understanding of the owner’s obligations under the law as specified in the disclosure statement in this section." To meet this requirement, the Owner-Builder Affidavit must be executed in front of Town staff at Town Hall during normal business hours.