Planning & Zoning Board


  • 6:30 p.m.
  • The 3rd Tuesday of the month as needed


  • Shane Taylor - Chair
  • Zachary Brown - Vice Chair
  • Blaine Dooley
  • Michael Knapik
  • Nancy Ross
  • Michael Elliott - Alternate
  • Matt Sutton - Alternate

Duties & Responsibilities

The Planning & Zoning Board meets the 3rd Tuesday of every month as needed at 6:30 pm and may also from time to time meet for work sessions. A time commitment of approximately 2-3 hours a month is necessary.

The Planning and Zoning Board implements the comprehensive plan adopted by the Town with reasonable consideration, among other things, to the prevailing land uses, growth characteristics and the character of the respective districts and their peculiar suitability for peculiar uses and to encourage the most appropriate use of the land throughout the town, from time to time revising and amending the plan.