Golf Carts in Oakland

Because of Oakland’s unique nature it is one of the growing number of communities that has approved the limited use of golf carts on town roadways.

Golf Cart Ordinance

At the July 26, 2005 Town Commission Meeting, the Oakland Town Commission passed new Town Ordinance No. 2005-05, permitting the use of standard manufactured golf carts on certain Town Streets. The ordinance requires that all golf carts operated on Town of Oakland streets must first be registered through the Oakland Police Department. Registration of golf carts must be made by the owner who is at least 18 years of age. The owner of the golf cart will be charged an annual registration fee of $12. There will be no prorated registrations. Funds from registration fees will help support costs of street designation signs, police inspection of the golf cart and registration stickers, which are to be placed on the driver’s rear fender of the golf cart. A thirty-one day re-registration period for all previously registered golf carts will be permitted during the month of January each year for an annual re-registration fee of $10. Owners re-registering golf carts after this date will be charged the annual fee of $12. Owners reregistering after January 31 of each year will be considered expired until and re-registered and not permitted for use on Town of Oakland designated streets. Driving a golf cart without a current registration will result in a fine of $25. If not paid, this fine will be billed through the Town of Oakland monthly water bill. Any person, who demonstrates their fine has been paid by producing a receipt from the Town, can register their golf cart for free within 10 working days of paying their fine. After ten working days it will cost the owner another $12 to register their golf cart. A list of all golf cart registrations will be maintained by the Oakland Police Department. Only golf carts owned by Oakland residents are permitted on Oakland streets. The Oakland Police Department asks residents not to utilize their carts until it is properly registered with the Police Department. Please drive safely and understand the Oakland Golf Cart Ordinance prior to utilizing your cart on Oakland streets. A copy of the ordinance will also be issued to the owner at time of registration.

A copy of this ordinance can be downloaded (PDF), or can be obtained by contacting the Town Clerk.


All of the rules regarding when and where the golf carts can be used; who is authorized to operate them, how the carts must be equipped and how to apply for a permit can be found in the ordinance. Because golf carts provide little protection for those riding in them, our officers pay particular attention to those carts being operated in town. We welcome their use and ask that everyone abide by the regulations that are in place.