Inoperable Vehicle

Section 70-137 of the Code of Ordinances

Section 70-137. Definitions of terms:
The following definitions of terms shall apply for the purpose of this article:
Abandoned, inoperable and/or discarded vehicle means a vehicle that is in a state of disuse, neglect or abandonment.

Evidence that a vehicle is “abandoned, inoperable and/or discarded” may include, any one or a combination of the following factors:
  1. The vehicle being wrecked;
  2. The vehicle being inoperative, as evidenced by vegetation underneath as high as the vehicle body or frame; refuse or debris collected underneath; or, the vehicle being used solely for storage purposes;
  3. The vehicle being partially dismantled, having no engine, transmission, or other major and visible parts;
  4. The vehicle having major and visible parts that are dismantled;
  5. The vehicle being incapable of functioning as a vehicle in its present state;
  6. The vehicle having only nominal salvage value;
  7. The vehicle being without either a valid and current vehicle license tag affixed and registered to the vehicle where it is affixed, or if ownership of the vehicle does not require a license tag, then the vehicle being without a valid and current registration;
  8. The vehicle which, excluding its windows, windshield, and underside, is rusted on at least 50 percent of its body exterior;
  9. A vehicle with one or more flat tires or other visible signs that it is not capable of propelling down a roadway; or
  10. The vehicle being incapable of safe operation under its own power, or a vehicle that cannot be self-propelled or moved in a manner it was originally intended to move.