Field Trip & On-Campus Volunteer Clearance Requirements

We use the OCPS ADDitions Volunteer Management System for background checks.

All adults who attend an OACS field trip or volunteer on campus must complete the online application, there will be no exceptions. Applications must be completed 4 weeks prior to your field trip and must be renewed each school year.

Online Application Process 

Internet Explorer is recommended.
Applications may not transmit using ipads, tablets, or phones; desktop/laptop recommended.

 1.    Click Search Opportunities

 2.    Click Volunteers

 3.    Search for Oakland Avenue Charter. The search by school name is
        predictive text, so you just need to type in the first few letters then select our school.  
        Finally click the blue Search button.

 4.    Click on the link Become an ADDitions Volunteer with Oakland Avenue Charter K5.
        Then click the Sign Up button.

 5.    After you’ve clicked Sign Up you will either:
         a. Create a profile (for those who are new to the ADDitions system)
         b. Log In (for those who have previously registered with ADDitions).
              Use the "Forgot Password" feature if needed.

  6.   Submit your Profile

If you are new to ADDitions you will be automatically prompted to complete    
your  profile. If you are returning you will need to click My Dashboard. You will then be prompted  to update your profile.

Everyone will need to click the Next button to move through the 13 screens.  You do not have to upload a picture on the last screen, just click submit.

Signing up for the volunteer opportunity does not automatically give you permission to participate, your school Coordinator will need to confirm your request.

 7.   Verify your status – You will log in and choose My Placements.  

If OACS is listed, you are cleared and ready to volunteer.  

If you are still pending, log back in a few days later as it can take 5 – 7 business days for you to clear and be placed.