Parent Teacher Organization (PTO)

2018-19 PTO Board Members

Member Title/Role Phone Number
Kristy Konat
President 407-973-9234

Email Kristy Konat

Kacie Hough
Vice-President/Treasurer 407-421-7114 Email Kacie Hough
Deidre Fontenot Fundraising 321-229-9367 Email Deidre Fontenot
Karen Young Fundraising 407-719-9982 Email Karen Young
Michelle Fischer Secretary/Marketing 407-509-9095 Email Michelle Fischer
Stephanie Shapiro
Secretary/Marketing 407-285-6666 Email Stephanie Shapiro
Janice Lewis (A-M)
Volunteer and Membership
407-832-2935 Email Janice Lewis
Tamara Dodge (N-Z)
Volunteer and Membership
407-782-3762 Email Tamara Dodge
Stacy Iapaluccio
Community Events/Partnerships
203-240-4263 Email Stacy Iapaluccio
Becky Grieser
Community Events/Partnerships
407-361-0765 Email Becky Grieser
Amanda Warren
Special Events
Email Amanda Warren
Nancy Woodard Special Events 727-643-8085 Email Nancy Woodard

2018-19 Coordinators

Coordinator Responsibility
Kristy Konat
Facebook Email Kristy Konat
Vanessa Davies
Box Tops Co-Chair
Email Vanessa Davies
Patti Dalton Box Tops Co-Chair Email Patti Dalton
Kacie Hough
Staff Luncheons, Heritage Day, Field Day

Uniform Closet
Kelly Mathis      
Marquee Chair
Email Kelly Mathis

Holiday Parade/Eagle Pride Parade Corrdinator