Utilities provided by the Town of Oakland and serviced by the Public Works Department include Water and Wastewater.  
Aerial View of Elevated Water Tower
Construction of Sewer Lift Station #1


The Town of Oakland pumps, stores, treats, distributes, and tests the water it provides to its customers.  Public Works is responsible for the pumping facility's operability, maintenance of the water-storage tanks, maintenance of distribution lines and accessories (e.g. valves, hydrants, meters), and timely and appropriate testing of water for quality and pathogens.  On a semi-annual basis, we test hydrants for pressure and open hydrants to "flow" excess sediments from dead-end lines.  There are three water-storage tanks that when combined can hold up to 800,000 gallons of water, which will be able to service 130 fire hydrants, and over 1,200 metered connections.

Waste Water

Since the establishment of the Town of Oakland in 1887, the town has relied solely on septic systems for its waste water needs.  Beginning in 2017, Oakland will connect its first customers and plans are already being developed that will eventually allow for expansion into established neighborhoods.