Past Events 2016

Heritage Day

October 22, 2016

At the Town's annual celebratory Heritage Day, the Town booth distributed flyers on how to find test your toilet for leaks and ways to resolve the problem.  One of the ways to test a toilet for leaks is by inspecting the bowl for colored water after first dropping a dye tablet into the toilet's upper tank's 15 - 30 minutes prior.  These dye tablets were also distributed to those interested.
Town booth 2016_2

National Public Works Week

May 15 - 21, 2016

Following the Mayor's Proclamation deeming April, 2016 Water Conservation Month, the Public Works Department took the opportunity during National Public Works Week (and the Town's concurrent week-long Annual Spring Cleanup event) to offer low-flow shower heads once more.  During the event, residents were invited to stop by Town Hall's receptionist desk to pick one up.
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