Projects 2016

Motamassek Ditch Clearing

The Motamassek Ditch is a critical element of drainage infrastructure that provides flood relief to portions of Orange and Lake Counties, which lie within the John's Lake Drainage Basin.  Additionally, it provides conveyance for stormwater flows generated from State Road 91 (Turnpike), S.R. 50 and S.R. 438, as well as residential and commercial areas within the Town of Oakland and the City of Winter Garden.  The Town and Orange County acknowledged that neither party directly owned any of the lands through which the Motamassek Ditch passes, nor had an obligation to provide for operation and maintenance of this ditch.  However, both agreed that a public need exists for maintenance of the ditch, as its current state was severely overgrown, which hindered its efficacy.  Clearing the ditch required specialized equipment and experienced operators, something the Town neither had nor could afford. The Public Works Department sought an interlocal agreement with Orange County to assist in addressing the maintenance requirements of the ditch. Over the course of a month Orange County worked diligently to clear the ditch and the difference was night and day.            

Southern Oaks Subdivision Drainage Project

Phase I of the Southern Oaks Drainage Project came to a close in the first quarter of 2016.  The purpose of this project was to restore drainage grades back as closely as possible to the specifications outlined in the developer’s engineered plans, which were permitted through the St. Johns River Water Management District.  Swales were re-graded and culverts were cleaned.  Phase I focused on the right-of-ways of the neighborhood's perimeter streets - those that have the biggest impact on discharge to Lake Apopka.

Briley Avenue and Daniels Street

As one heads north on Daniels Street the change in elevation rapidly declines after crossing the West Orange Trail.  Because the road is unpaved, proper swales and ditches are critical components of stormwater management.  The Public Works Department spent close to a month working in house and with contractors to repair the stormwater system of this area.  Swales were re-graded along North Daniels Street and West Briley Avenue, curbs in the paved section of W Briely Avenue were reformed, and stormdrains and culverts were cleared of sediment and debris.  The job was completed with the installation of bahia sod.  A couple months after the project was completed, the department had an opportunity to reuse stockpiled dirt from a separate job to create berm along Daniels Street in Speer Park.  The department along with hired contractors, installed an engineer-design berm.

Culvert and Storm Drain Cleanouts Around the Town

For residents within and around Southern Oaks Subdivision and the intersection of Briley Avenue and Daniels Street, the Town stormwater activities were obvious.  But for other residents, an occasional backhoe sight may be all the stormwater activity one would see.  Working in tandem, Public Work staff and a contracted vac-truck cleared all storm drains and culverts along the Town's most heavily trafficked thoroughfares: Oakland Avenue and Tubb Street.