Dawn Norat

My name is Dawn Norat.  I am one of the Fourth and Fifth grade Science teachers.  I want to share a little about myself.  I have three children and two furbabies.  I am a Native East Coast Floridian!  I have taught third graders for 12 years and several other grades for a total of 20 something years.  I love to learn and have had this passion since I was in 5th Grade with my teacher, Mrs. Swanto.  She showed me that learning can be fun and adventurous!  Mrs. Swanto helped me see that learning is creative and exciting!  I have had the privilege of teaching for many years and even teaching with two of my former third graders.  Wow do I feel old!  Each year I am entrusted with a group of students that become another part of my family.  Learning is a passion that I know can be fostered in each child with the help of the family and the teaching support around them.  Oakland Avenue Charter School is an awesome family and I feel incredibly honored to be a part of the town of Oakland!