Grade Level Goals and Expectations

Some of the Goals and General Expectations for Kindergarten:

Social Goals:

- Responsibility with tools
- Neatness and completion of work
- Listening and following directions the first time they are given
- Being a good friend to all classmates

Learning Goals for Language Arts:

- Mastery of all letters and sounds
- Mastery of sight words
- Reading independently on a C level book
- Writing 3-4 simple sentences about the same topic
- Mastery of all phonological skills
- Mastery of CVC words
- Reading Skills: recognizing characters and setting, making predictions, retelling, identifying fiction vs. non-fiction, compare and contrast, cause/effect and drawing conclusions

Learning Goals for Math:

- Counting to 100 and counting on
- Number sense: more, less, equal, place value
- Reading and writing numbers to 20
- Understanding number lines
- Composing and decomposing numbers
- Simple addition and subtraction including word problems
- Ordinal Numbers
- 2D and 3D shapes
- Measuring length & weight
- Ordinal Numbers

Learning Goals for Science:

- Making predictions
- Drawing conclusions
- Estimating
- Sharing results
- Major focuses: Plants, Matter, Day & Night, 5 Senses, Sound & Vibration, Forces

Learning Goals for Social Studies:

- Community Helpers
- Holidays
- History - Then & Now, Important people
- Geography - Maps, Cardinal Directions, Land forms & Water Forms
- Needs/Wants
- US Symbols
- Calendar including Seasons/Seasonal Weather