New Residents

Mayor Kathy Stark

Dear New Residents:

WELCOME! As the Mayor of Oakland,  I would  like  to  welcome  you  as  a  new  resident! We have a great staff and a Commission that is focused and works very hard to retain our small-town charm  and  friendliness  in  the  midst  of  unprecedented  growth  in  West  Orange  County.    

We  have  completed  many  new  projects  and  will  continue  to  look  for  opportunities  to  enhance our small town. We want you to be a part of that feeling, and as a new resident, I encourage you to join us  at  our  Town  Commission  meetings on  the  second  and  fourth Tuesdays, and to  get  involved in the community of your new hometown - there are many opportunities to do so.  We think that ours is the best kind of government because it is close to the people it serves.   

We  have  a  variety  of  boards  that  help  serve  Oakland.  We  also  have  various  volunteer opportunities to serve our community at events such as our annual Celebration Among   the   Oaks,   and   the   Oakland   Nature   Preserve   Heritage   Day  Celebration. 

Additionally, the Oakland Nature Preserve and the Friends of Lake Apopka have various volunteer opportunities.  

Our Town staff are ready to assist you and answer any questions you may have.  If there is  something  I  can  do  to  make  you feel  at  home,  please  don’t  hesitate  to  contact  me  through Town Hall at 407-656-1117, or email  me  at 


Mayor Kathy Stark